The table below sets out our charges, and provides a link to the Court fees payable in relation to the commercial debt collection in the County Court.

The charges set out in section 1 are not recoverable from the Debtor.  However, all Court fees, and our other charges except where indicated to the contrary, are added to the amount that the Debtor must pay if your claim is successful.

Value Added Tax (VAT) will be charged at the applicable rate to our charges, and is not payable by the Debtor, if you are VAT Registered.   If you are VAT Registered you will be entitled to recover the VAT in the usual way, through your quarterly Return.

If the Debtor submits a Defence to your Claim, or a Counterclaim or a Part 20 Claim, all work done by us from that point onwards will be charged at our standard hourly rate of £185.00 plus VAT (presently 20% or £35.00 per hour).


Where proceedings do not need to be issued

Payable in all cases – Initial registration and 7/30 day letter of Claim £185.00
Each letter written or telephone call regarding queries raised by the Debtor or by or with you £18.50
A Limited Company Search or Land Registry Search £18.50

The range of charges where the debt is paid without Court proceedings is between £259.00 and £495.00.


If proceedings need to be issued and Judgment entered

Our charges – You will be charged £185.00 per hour for preparing and issuing the Court paperwork to issue your claim.

If a Defence, Counterclaim, Part 20 Claim is received in response to your claim again you will be charged £185.00 per hour.

Additional to our charges you will also have to pay Court Fees. Please see the attached Hyperlink.



There are various methods of enforcing a judgement and the amount charged both by us and the Court varies according to the type of enforcement under taken.  Details will be provided upon request.

All amounts above are plus VAT.


Timescale for the above works

Taking your instructions and receiving from you all the necessary paperwork for us to review any documentation, and to send the letter of claim and provide you with a copy of it usually takes up to 7 days.

If the other party disputes your claim and Court proceedings need to be issued then your case may take between 5 and 12 months to be resolved.

If enforcement action is needed then the matter will take longer to be resolved and further advice regarding the timescale of your claim will be provided as your case progresses.


Who will carry out the work?

We have three members of the team who may work on your matter. The team is supervised by Peter Harris who is a Partner and head of our Litigation Department.

Michael Coulman – who is a Senior Litigation Executive with in excess of 30 years’ experience of dealing with these types of claims, will usually handle your claim.

Carly Haywood – Paralegal who has 7 years’ experience in debt collection matters, who assists Michael Coulman.