Renowned Hull-based Law Firm Awarded National Accreditation Local law firm

Local law firm, Hamers Solicitors, has announced that it has been awarded the prestigious Wills Inheritance Quality Scheme (WIQS) accreditation by The Law Society.

Hamers is one of the select 20 law firms in the UK to initially be awarded the accreditation which recognises a high standard of quality for will writing, probate and estate administration in England and Wales.

Hamers is held in high regard in Yorkshire, offering a wide range of legal services to both commercial and private clients. The firm boasts a team of Probate, Wills and Financial Planning experts who work closely with clients to make the most of their assets and to carefully and intelligently plan for theirs and their family’s future.

Achieving the accreditation will allow clients and industry professionals to identify Hamers as demonstrating an industry-leading commitment to providing SRA-regulated practices.

Jim Wyatt, Senior Partner at Hamers Solicitors, said: “This accreditation supports our continued mission to provide our clients with a quality approved level of service. We are proud to be the only solicitors in the area to have been awarded such recognition.

“This accreditation demonstrates to our clients that, when instructing Hamers, they are choosing to receive the best advice and service levels on offer throughout the UK.

The firm underwent a series of rigorous assessments to reach the high standards set by The Law Society. Hamers had to demonstrate an outstanding level of individual expertise and skills to achieve the accreditation and will continue to complete training, self-reporting, audits and reviews to ensure it continues to maintain it’s high standards.

Law Society president Nicholas Fluck said: “We have had an excellent response to the scheme from our members who welcome the opportunity to demonstrate their high standards of practice and commitment to client care.

“WIQS is an important tool in reinforcing the importance of using a solicitor for will writing and estate management. It offers reassurance to consumers and helps law firms stand out in an increasingly crowded market.

“Anyone can set themselves up as a will writer, but only a law firm with qualified solicitors meeting high standards can be a member of WIQS…Solicitors are unparalleled in the will writing market as only they have the breadth of training to consider wider implications including tax and family law.”