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    Hang out with Hamers: Sophie Rogers

    In this edition of "Hang out with Hamers," we chatted to Sophie Rogers, a Chartered Legal Executive at Hamers.

    At Hamers, we’re committed to providing friendly, local law. It’s what we do best.

    We strip away all the legal jargon and focus on providing you with a personal, hassle-free experience.

    To do that, we’ve built a professional, friendly team of experts who are on hand to make sure our clients receive the best service possible.

    To help you get to know them better, we launched our “Hang out with Hamers” series.

    We’re introducing you to members of the Hamers team, from all the departments of the firm.

    Today we catch up with Sophie Rogers, a Chartered Legal Executive with Hamers.


    Q) Tell us about your role at Hamers – what does a typical day look like?


    “My day-to-day work is in conveyancing. I’ll usually get in and check through any emails that have come through from the previous evening or early doors. There’s usually about 30 emails to deal with at the start of a typical day.

    “After that, I look at any completions which can be sorted, as our priority is to get them ticked off so people can move as quickly as possible.

    “Once that’s done, it’s onto the other tasks like arranging for payments and transfers to go out. The main thing is making sure everything is done properly, but also quickly so any hold-ups are not at our end.”


    Q) What do you enjoy most about your job?


    “Getting to know clients is definitely the best thing about the job – I pride myself in having excellent communication with all my clients, and responding to any questions they have immediately.”


    Q) Tell me one thing people wouldn’t expect about working for a law firm.


    “I think a lot of people would imagine working at a law firm would be quite corporate. But actually, we have a lot of fun and there’s a great atmosphere across the office.

    “I’ve been at Hamers for nine years, and I can say with confidence that this is one of the best firms you could possibly work for.

    “People can sometimes feel a bit intimidated by solicitors – and there can be a lot of legal jargon – but we remove all of that and have a much more personal, friendly approach.”


    Q) What do you like to do when you’re not at work?


    “I’m a bit of a gamer actually, I do enjoy my video games. I also love reading and art and drawing.

    “I spend a lot of time in my garden and also love seeing family. I’ve got an 18-year-old daughter who has just started at college, so that’s been an exciting and nervous time too!”


    Q) What’s one thing your colleagues wouldn’t know about you?


    “Not a lot of people know that I’m actually an Essex girl! Because I’ve spent most of my life here, I think a lot of people assume I was born here.

    “I left Essex when I was about four years old, and moved straight here. I did also move to Devon with my husband not that long ago to start a new life, but we were back here within 12 months! Just a northern girl at heart!”


    Quick-fire Questions


    Q) You can invite any three people – dead or alive – to dinner. Who’s at the table?


    “Leonardo Da Vinci, Galileo and Patrick Stewart, because I’m a Trekkie at heart!”


    Q) Favourite TV show?


    “Science fiction is a big love of mine, and I also love watching all those treasure hunting programmes where people search for lost gold and never seem to find it.”


    Q) What’s the best place you’ve been on holiday?


    “My brother lives in San Francisco, so I’d have to go with that. It’s an amazing place, the food is fantastic and it’s got great shopping too.”


    Q) Early bird or night owl?


    “Early bird, but not always by choice! Life sometimes dictates it!”


    Q) If you could win an Olympic gold medal in any sport, what would it be?


    “It’s an obscure one, but I’d go with archery. I have been doing some lessons and recently signed up for a club. It started with a beginner course I did while I was in Devon, and now I’ve got really into it. So it would be great to win an Olympic gold in archery.”


    25 November, 2022


    Phil Winter

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