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    Contemplating commercial litigation can be a daunting prospect. We will guide you through the process and find the best way to achieve a positive outcome for the least risk and cost.

    Commercial litigation experts you can trust


    Our aim is to enable both parties to determine their differences at the earliest possible opportunity to try and avoid any unnecessary costs from being incurred. All types of litigation can be expensive and risky and wherever possible we try to eliminate the need for it at all.

    We are however realistic and appreciate that in certain circumstances litigation cannot be avoided and when this happens we have a proficient and professional team. We offer clear and practical advice throughout the process and focus on your goals and objectives.

    Our team provides a fully comprehensive service covering all High Court and County Court disputes relating to:

    • Breach of contract
    • Product liability
    • Property
    • Building and construction
    • Negligence
    • Debt collection

    Price Transparency

    Our charges payable in relation to commercial debt collection in the County Court are set out below together with a link to the Court fees.

    The charges set out in Stage 1 are not recoverable from the Debtor. However, at stages 2 and 3 below, court fees, and other fixed costs are added to the amount that the Debtor must pay if your claim is successful.

    Stage 1 – Where proceedings do not need to be issued

    Payable in all cases – Initial registration and letter of claim £222 (£180 plus VAT @ £37)
    Each letter written or telephone call regarding queries raised by
    the Debtor or by or with you £24.00 (£20.00 plus VAT @ £4.00)
    A Limited Company Search or Land Registry Search £18.50
    The average range of charges where the debt is paid without Court Proceedings is between £222 and £1,200.

    The timescale from taking your instructions, sending out the letter before action and advising on whether any further action may be necessary is 3-4 weeks.

    Stage 2 – If proceedings need to be issued and judgement entered

    Our charges – You will be charged £222 (£185 plus VAT @ £37) per hour for preparing and issuing the Court paperwork to issue your claim.
    Additional to our charges you will also have to pay Court Fees. Please see the attached Hyperlink, We may also have to instruct an agent to serve documents on the debtor. This may cost approximately £120 (£100 plus VAT @ £20) and would be charged in addition to the fees stated above.

    The timescale from issuing proceedings to obtaining judgment where the debt is undisputed is up to 12 weeks.

    Stage 3 – If the claim is defended

    We will discuss and advise you as to the additional work required. Such work will be charged at £222 (£185 plus VAT @ £37) per hour.

    Additional charges may be incurred if we have to advise on bankruptcy, winding up proceedings and enforcement. Such work would be charged at £222 (£185 plus VAT @ £37) per hour. Fee estimates will be provided when we are able to fully advise on the merits of the case as will the likely timescales.

    Who will carry out the work?

    We have three members of the team who may work on your matter. The team is supervised by Peter Harris who is a solicitor and a partner and head of our Litigation Department.

    Michael Coulman – who is a Senior Litigation Executive with in excess of 30 years’ experience of dealing with these types of clams and will usually handle your claim.

    Carly Haywood – Paralegal who has 7 years’ experience in debt collection matters and who assists Michael Coulman.

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    The Commercial Litigation team